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Our Story

I've been cooking as long as I can remember - all the way back to when I was the Sous Chef in my grandma's meatball factory.  Later pan greasing and training new delivery drivers at the ripe age of 5 in my dad's pizza shops.  At 15 I was hired at The Golden Arches and cooked all through high school at various chains.  Professionally partied my way right on through my early 20's while being shown how to cook food the right way by two talented and demanding women whom became my second moms.  I moved to Vegas and became a culinary school dropout and then spent the last 16 years getting really good at what I do.  I got married, adopted 306 dogs and 2 cats all while bouncing from place to place trying to find the right fit when finally I realized the right fit is in my own kitchen, making high quality food for others to enjoy.  


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Please consider donating to Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups' Amazon Wishlist.

"Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups focuses on providing Pregnant Dogs/Mama Dogs with Litter and Pups less than 6 months old a safe and healthy environment to grow. This is our HOBBY. We are a group of friends. Dogs and pups are cared for by our friends who volunteer their time and homes to furnish a family-like habitat for these lovable canines. We do not have a public shelter. We normally have between 50 and 100 puppies on any given day. These mama dogs and pups come to us from owner surrenders and dog shelters throughout Ohio and neighboring States. We are a 501C3 so all donations are tax deductible. We thank you for your support of our cause."

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